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2014-01-27 07:24
If you'd like to support us, but donating is not an option, please consider voting for us on Planet Minecraft:


2014-01-29 09:02
I voted (:


2014-01-31 17:41
Ah, never knew that you can vote every 24 hours lol.
If you add an Update log, the page does get bumped on the serverslist, doesn't it?


2014-01-31 17:46
You can also bump it without having to actually edit anything, probably to avoid people just adding random & pointless update logs.

The more times you vote, the better. I appreciate every time you make the effort :)


2014-02-04 15:05
Ahh, I keep forgetting to vote.
Can you make one of those fancy half-transparent-position:fixed-box at the bottom of the page that you can click away, and will come back every day?
Put something like this in it:
"omg plo0xo0x vote cuz i wanna hav moer pleeers and st00f click away when hav voted so i can see in db dat u vote dis comsback evey day"


2014-02-04 15:17
I may just do that - thank you for the suggestion :)

Once you've dismissed it, the notification would wait another 24 hours before popping up again. And you'd have the option to disable it completely, if you don't want to vote (but pl0x pl0x vote!) :)


2014-02-04 15:24
...The notification would wait another 24 hours before popping up again...

No no no no no.
Make it pop up if the last time that has clicked away is before has-voted resets on PlanetMinecraft.

Like if the PlanetMinecraft has voted resets for everyone at 10PM and I clicked the message away at 9:30PM, I see it back again if I visit the site on or after 10PM.

Or is that not how it works Planet Minecraft?


2014-02-04 15:25
On PMC, it's a 24 hour countdown timer from the last time you voted.


2014-02-14 06:28
I voted, +1 diamond and hearted as well :)


2014-02-14 07:01