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2014-09-05 04:12
Hey everyone, you may have heard about the current legal problems facing Mojang and Bukkit.

Here's a quick run-down:

February 28, 2012
- Mojang hired a number of Bukkit founders as official staff a few years ago (i.e. Dinnerbone, et al)
- At the same time, Mojang believed they had bought the Bukkit project too, but they kept this secret from the public and led people to believe that Bukkit was still independently-run

Since then...
- Over the past few years, many people from the Minecraft community have voluntarily spent their own time contributing to Bukkit, in the hopes that they could help with the huge community project that it is.
- The licensing of the Bukkit project has always been a touchy subject, but was overlooked by Mojang.

August 21, 2014
- The remaining Bukkit team decided to cancel the project on August 21
- Jeb replied on twitter: "Warren over at bukkit seems to have forgotten that the project was bought by Mojang over two years ago, and isn't his to discontinue."
- Dinnerbone announces: "I started Bukkit, I'm going to personally see it through for 1.8. Updating it now :)"

September 3, 2014
- Wesley Wolfe, a regular contributor to the Bukkit project, sends a DMCA Copyright notice to the Bukkit project.
- The DMCA notice states that Wesley Wolfe's code is contained within the Bukkit project, and leads to three possible solutions:
1. Mojang's vanilla server needs to be licensed under GPL/LGPL (open-sourced)
2. or, Wesley's contributions need to be removed from Bukkit
3. or, Bukkit is discontinued and server owners are left to rely on the vanilla server

It is thought that Wesley Wolfe is outraged that he has been contributing to what he thought was a community-run project, when in fact it was owned by Mojang the whole time. Mojang hiding the fact that they had purchased the project more than two years ago could be seen as them boosting their profit margin, and having members of the community work for them unknowingly, and for free.

At the moment there is a lot of speculation flying around, and the short-term future of custom Minecraft servers is in doubt. However, I'd like to emphasise that MCLeiger is not going anywhere, and we will continue to operate for the forseeable future in any way that we can, even if that means running a white-listed vanilla server.

However, long-term we still have the official Mod API to look forward to. So the future is bright :)

Any questions, ask below. We'll keep you updated.


2014-09-09 17:49
Are there any updates about this so far?


2014-09-10 02:32
Hey maiziea :)

At the moment there are no updates about Bukkit. However, there are a few alternatives starting up in an attempt to replace Bukkit.

One of the more promising ones is Sponge. It's literally soaking up talent from several different projects (Bukkit, FTB, Spout, ...) and attempting to create something that servers can use as soon as possible. One of the project leads is sk89q, creator of WorldEdit.

However, even if that kicks off the ground, it will take time + also would require plugins to be converted from the Bukkit API to the new Sponge API. So that wouldn't be available any time soon.

TL;DR: Nothing solid yet, but a few promising leads.


2014-09-17 06:06
I'm going to keep my eye on Sponge. The fact that one of the project leads is sk89q is reason enough to grab my attention.


2014-09-22 23:26
Agreed. It will be interesting to see where that project ends up.