Extend recent post section.

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2017-07-16 15:43
Currently the recent post section is only showing the 4 most recent posts rather than all recent posts.
Forums are a pain to navigate atm and this is a big part of it, apart from looking for a specific old post I personally always use recent posts to see what's new, now whenever someone posts 4 posts in a row since I last checked I have to manually go through all forum sections to make sure there were only 4 posts since last checked, because for all I know from the homepage there could've been 30.


2017-07-17 09:51
I think I've mentioned this elsewhere (as a reply to an existing topic, not a separate topic in and of itself). The 'recent posts' page hasn't been rebuilt for the new website, so it was hidden from the main forum page. I'd like to bring it back.

The forum search is in the same situation - it hasn't been rebuilt for this version, and I'd like to bring it back.

Both of these should satisfy what you're looking for - and it's good to know that you're looking forward to them returning.

Thanks for the feedback!