2017-09-17 11:41
This is the first of what should be many monthly releases. They won't all include changes as big as these, and they'll usually be released in the first or second week.

Redirect URL
If you type 'mcleiger.com' into your address bar, it will now redirect to 'www.mcleiger.com' automatically. Thanks to Remi1115 and Royal_Soda for reporting this issue.

Recent Forum Topics
The home page for the forum has been completely redesigned, and we've done away with the category list. Instead, I've opted for a single list of topics sorted by activity - which makes it very easy to see what has changed since you last looked at the website!

Slug Lyfe!
You might notice that the URL for each topic now looks a little more interesting. We're using something called a 'slug', which is a representation of the topic's title in URL format. This means that if you post the link elsewhere, people have a rough idea what it's about without having to click on it. It's also search engine friendly, which is always a good thing...

Donations Revamped
Most of the changes to donations have happened behind-the-scenes, but they're important nonetheless:
- The donation page now supports the price changing over time - and since the price last changed back on the 14th of July, it's about time!
- It's now super easy for me to add new donations, making the donation page even more accurate.
- As a side effect of the change listed above, you can now see your own personalised donation history under Account Settings. That's pretty awesome, even if I say so myself!

What do you think of the changes? They'll be released a few moments after this news post goes live.