Hey, so I'm back.

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2014-07-12 11:34
I feel like I had friends and a 'history' here and I recently started thinking that leaving the server without even saying anything was kinda dumb. Reason I stopped coming is I have been working really hard on game programming! Mostly in AS3. So I'm basically making this post to announce that I'm back (although I'm very sure nobody cares) but also to ask a question:

How the hell do you do pixel art?!?

The game I'm currently making is a top-down RPG style thing with 64x64 tiles and characters, and it's all pixelated and stuff. Think the old Final Fantasy games. Is there anyone here that has some sort of knowledge with pixel art who could help me out a bit or at least point me in the right direction? (It'd be awesome if you could just do it for me but that's asking too much).

Here are some screenshots of the game:

The very first room, right now it's just being used for testing, however it will make its way into the actual game but with more stuff in it (desk, computer, room fluff like that).

Same thing but without the darkness filter. The darkness filter will be added into the proper game.

Close-up of the player.
Link (Couldn't select him to zoom in so just have a link instead)

Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.


2014-07-23 13:48
Only just noticed this when looking at your recent posts ... and hey, I care, and I'm glad you're back =)

Two questions:
- What do you need pixel art for? (give specific objects)
- What would the image dimensions be?


2014-07-26 07:10
Q1: Basically just simple tiles, and characters. A computer is a MUST (and by computer I mean both the monitor and an actual computer). I'm ok with the current office walls and carpet tiles, but if it does look bad then I need that as well. A door would be nice as well :P. Various other office stuff - filing cabinets, desks, motivational posters, things like that. I also need to make an actual pixel art picture that shows the entire building but that's a bit much to ask :/.

Q2: Dimensions are 64x64.

Also, I tried again to make a character - it looks a little better but I can't use it because for some reason the dimensions messed up and aren't 64x64.

Thanks :D


2014-07-26 13:30
That image looks to be 64x64 to me. What makes you think it isn't?


2014-07-26 15:44
I dunno, it isn't in flash. It's something wierd like 51x86 or something (I have no idea if those are the dimensions, but it's all random like that).


2014-07-26 23:25
Sounds like it's automatically cropping out just the main image and ignoring the white background. There should be a setting somewhere in the image properties to change that behaviour.


2017-09-17 11:59
I would love to know how this game is going. Will see if I can get in touch with 12on3 and ask...