A more detailed land claiming guide!

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2014-07-26 06:22
Hey! I've wanted to make this for a while now. Keep in mind that this guide will not include everything about the wonderful '/trust', because Leiger already did that. (It's a great post - check it out here.)

This guide will cover everything about actually claiming land. Most people know how to do this but I'm bored and wanted to help any new players that don't. The screenshots in this tutorial aren't actually taken in MCLeiger, they're taken in single player. I just placed the claim blocks to make it look real, but the guide is still true. Let's begin.

How to claim a house

So, you've just finish building your humble abode but you don't want it to get destroyed by griefers. Here's how to protect it!
First you'll need a golden shovel/spade. If you select the gold shovel, you'll see a message in chat saying something about how many claim blocks you have left. You gain more claim room/blocks/area the longer you play. With gold shovel in hand, right click on one corner of your house. Remember not to right click the actual house - go one block away, like this:

Glowstone and and gold blocks will be created, the glowstone being where you clicked and the gold pointing in the cardinal directions around your build.

The first corner you click creates no blocks at all - the 'goldstone' is created when you click the other corner.

Go around to the other corner of your build, and right click there as well. Remember to not deselect your shovel before you right click the other corner - that'll cancel the claim and you will have to do it again. Now the glowstone/gold (let's call it goldstone) will be on all corners of your house and you'll get a message saying 'claim has been created' or something. You can now select any other item, it won't matter.

The goldstone is not real. If you right click it (not with a gold shovel) it'll turn back into whatever block it was before. You don't have to do this for every goldstone block - right clicking any block outside your claim (again, not with a gold shovel or any item where right click is a function) will hide the entire claim border (goldstone). To show the goldstone again, select the gold shovel - it will all pop back up.

Here's a top view of what your house should look like once it's all claimed:

Now nobody can use anything or break anything inside that claim except for you. You can trust certain players to allow them to do stuff in your claim - refer to this.

If you attempt to make a claim and it crosses over someone else's claim, it will say so in the chat, and instead of 'goldstone' you'll get this:

Yup, netherrack and redstone. What to do if this happens? See below...
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2014-07-26 06:52
Let's continue the guide...

Crossing claims

So if your claim crosses with another you'll have to either move your house or wait until the owner of the other claim logs on and either ask them to move THEIR claim or subdivide it and trust you... What's subdividing you say? Let's find out!


Let's say you have a big claim and you want part of it to have certain permissions for people and part of it to have other ones. There's a way to do this. Stand inside your claim and type: '/subdivideclaims' (without the quotes). You are now in subdivision mode. Use your trusty gold shovel and right click the corner of the area you want to subdivide and then the other corner.

This is what the subdivide blocks look like:

Now you can stand inside the subdivision and change the permission settings. Just make sure you are actually in the subdivision. You can check if you have done it right by standing in the subdivision and typing '/trustlist' then going to the regular claim and doing the same thing. If it's alright then you can officially be called a claiming master. Type '/basicclaims' or '/basicclaim' (I don't remember which one it is. I think it's the former) to go back to basic claiming mode, or just deselect your shovel.

And that's it!

If I've missed anything, please tell me and I'll correct it.

I will end this guide with a picture of a sheep riding a squid.

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2014-07-26 13:56
Good tutorial :) I updated your original post with the corrections you mentioned.


2014-07-26 15:44
leiger wrote:
I updated your original post with the corrections you mentioned.

Thanks heaps, that mess up made everything look so stupid :D