2018-03-26 10:32
I'd like to give a huge thanks to maiziea, Helmuti77, _Clox_, Remi1115, Azerkatil and Royal_Soda for their financial support over the last 14+ months. You are all legends.

On the 14th January 2017, MCLeiger re-launched and by 1st February 2017 we started operating as a fully-donated game server. The promise was that as long as donations kept coming in to "break even" on the server costs, we would keep running.

I'll be honest - I didn't expect to get this far (over a year!). Previously I had run the server at a significant loss, and I really didn't want to dig that far into my own pockets again, so I'm really grateful that others were able to help this time around.

What will change?
- The game server has been turned off. This is already done, so you'll be unable to connect from this point forward.

What will not change?
- The website and forums are still up and running!
- The IRC channel will still be checked regularly and we'll be active on there
- The Discord channel will also be checked regularly by players and staff

Will the game server return?
- Yes, if enough interest is shown.
- Check back here when the next major Minecraft update is released!

You guys (and girls) are all super-awesome.

See you in IRC.
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