2018-02-18 06:03
The latest Minecraft snapshot is out, and it includes plenty of new content.

I'm looking for an expression of interest ... does anyone want to replace the current world with a snapshot server instead, until April/May/June when the final release for 1.13 Update Aquatic is due to be released?

One person so far has said they're interested, looking to find out how many others agree.

Update 1: Server is going down for brief maintenance at the moment, and will be down for approximately 20-30 minutes. It is unrelated to the above post, and the existing world will be returning when the server is back up.

Update 2: The downtime lasted for 40 minutes and 22 seconds. We performed a complete machine backup and upgrade, followed by an increase in disk space. We'll perform some upgrades to Minecraft itself - and the website - in the near future. For now everything has been returned to how it was.
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